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Simultaneous Collections

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Enterprise Data Solutions

A major food distributor engaged our firm through one of our partner companies to assist them in collecting data relative to a subpoena from the Department of Justice. Our channel partner facilitated the processing piece of the business to cull down the data and put it into a reviewable format. In addition, data Discovery was engaged to facilitate the collection and preservation of electronic data from a series of locations across the United States.
We deployed five forensic analysts to six states across the Midwest to collect and preserve a large amount of disparate data in the form of home folders, shared folders, custodian systems, and external media devices. As a result, 161 evidence items were collected, totaling more than 1.3 terabytes of raw data. Working copies of each evidence item were created, live user files were extracted, and the resultant data set was transferred to our channel partner in rolling deliveries for processing. As a result, our channel partner was able to provide a continuous stream of processed data to the attorney team for purposes of review for both privilege and responsiveness. As a result, the client could comply with the DOJ’s deadlines in this matter, and the issue was successfully resolved.