Case Studies

Translating Success: Accelerated Completion of a Large-Scale, Multilingual Review

Magnifying glass looking at a digital globe and data

The Problem

A global pharmaceutical company came to Purpose Legal with a large-scale review project (more than 500,000 documents). During the early case assessment (ESA) the Project Management team identified a significant cadre of documents containing ten distinct languages within the review set. The review set also included a smaller handful of documents in another six languages. The matter included several defendants incorporated in multiple countries and represented by five different law firms. In coordination with the Project Management team, the Purpose Managed Review team organized multiple workflows to facilitate review, QC, and release/production of English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese documents on an accelerated timeline.

The Purpose-Build Solution

Purpose implemented workflow solutions that equally leveraged technological and human resources. As part of the ECA, the Project Management team used the review platform’s language identifier to quantify and segregate the documents with substantive material in one or more foreign languages. The Managed Review team worked with our recruitment department to staff review attorneys for the ten most frequently occurring languages.

Using Purpose’s extensive recruitment database, in just three days the team was able to employ attorneys who were ALTA certified in multiple languages, leading to a more efficient workflow.

The Review Manager translated key privilege and responsive terms (STRs) to set up highlighting on foreign language documents to help guide the first level and quality control (QC) review across ten languages. For the other six
foreign languages with smaller document sets, the Project Management team used machine translation to facilitate review in English. And throughout the course of the project, the Review Manager meticulously grouped and tracked documents from each language set across first-level, QC, redaction review, privilege log creation, and delivery.

The Product

The Purpose Managed Review team completed review, QC, redaction, privilege log creation, and release/production of over 500,000 documents ahead of schedule (less than five weeks of review) and under budget with a tactical team of 35 reviewers undertaking multiple language workflows. Purpose’s highly structured and successful workflow prompted our law firm client to recommend and extend our foreign language review services to the other four co-defense firms. In addition to a timely and underbudget delivery, the multifaceted, multilingual team was further utilized by outside counsel for deposition preparation and fact development projects as the litigation evolved.